Hybrid Bike

A hybrid bike is often thought to offer the best of all worlds. These general purpose bikes are enormously popular and can be used over a variety of terrains including: road, mountain and off road.   

The usual set up is to have flat handlebars like an MTB with the same gear shifters. The wheels are generally the same as road bikes; however there are some hybrids that are more like mountain bikes (equipped with smaller wheels).   

Hybrid bikes are a popular choice for commuters who may want to opt for a little off road use at the weekends.  The flat handlebar set up ensures a more upright riding position so there is some sacrifice of speed for general comfort and thus many people consider these a better choice for commuting to work. 

Another form of hybrid cycle is one that has been built by the owner from "Components". We are happy to consider these for insurance. 

We cover all types of hybrid cycle and for those of you that commute; our policy automatically comes with £100,000 legal expenses insurance, ideal if you get in to a scrape with a motorist. 

Our policy is underwritten at Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest continuous insurance market and we have taken on board the requirements of cyclists to design a policy that offers real value for money with the ability to add optional sections as required. 

You can obtain your quote and buy online today, if you have any questions regarding our cover, please call our office and we will be pleased to help you. 

Features of our cover

  • Cover against accidental damage and loss up to £12,500 
  • Theft cover (at home and away) 
  • Accessories cover 
  • Replacement cycle hire costs 
  • Cover for helmets and clothing 
  • Legal expenses insurance £100,000 
  • Monthly payment option

Optional Extras

  • Public Liability Insurance 
  • Personal Accident 
  • Get you Home Costs 
  • European Use 
  • Competition Use 
  • Cover for other family members

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